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We endeavor to highlight current matters of interest in our website. However, we appreciate that sometimes visitors may want to refer to past events, announcements etc.

Thus we have specially created this Publication section so that visitors may be able to connect our past with the present.

PROTASCO Newsletter

  • PROTASCO Newsletter a newsletter of Protasco Berhad


Protasco Berhad Annual Reports

  • Annual Report, a yearly report of Protasco Berhad


  • Communique, a yearly newsletter of the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

KISBAR (Ceased Publication)

  • KISBAR, a newsletter of Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd

K-Connection (Ceased Publication)

  • K-Connection, a Knowledge Management newsletter of HCM Engineering Sdn Bhd

Suara Roadcare (Ceased Publication)

  • Suara Roadcare, A newsletter of Roadcare (M) Sdn Bhd (currently on hold)